Monday, June 30, 2008

On the Road Again

Off to Paden City, West Virginia (home of many of the marbles in the world) and Middlebourne, West Virginia, to tell stories about bugs for their Summer Reading Programs. I get today off my regular job because I worked yesterday at the book sale--sometimes I can avoid using annual leave like that, but it does make for some very long weeks.

So look out world, here come the bugs! Stories and songs on today's list:

Who's in Rabbit's House?
How Dragonflies Came to Be
A Single Drop of Honey
The Goat in the Chile Patch
The Flea Song
The Riddle Song
The Flea
Grasshopper and Ant

...and several others. I won't be able to tell them all, of course--but it's best to have more than enough so I can pick and choose based on the age of the audience. Some of the stories I've chosen for this set use puppets and other props, some use audience participation, and one has a song. All are just plain fun.

See you this evening when I respond to my award from City Mouse!


City Mouse said...

Ooh! I'm totally into "How Dragonflies Came to Be!" I grew up in Florida, where we used to call 'em "Skeeter Hawks." There was a story attached, but I can't remember it for the life of me. This sounds like neat material - best wishes and have a blast!

earth heart said...

I would just love to hear the story of how dragonflies came to be. Perhaps (hope, hope) you might consider sharing it with your readers?

PriscillaHowe said...

I've been having a great time with "The Goat in the Chili Patch" this summer--isn't it fun to find new stories that will fit in the permanent repertoire?

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