Thursday, June 19, 2008

Storytelling Journey: Traveling to Franklin

Faithful poppies continue to beautify this abandoned home long after the owners moved away. I always wonder why someone would leave a home to rot away. While this isn't a fancy place, it's certainly liveable, or was when they left. Now the windows are borken out and vines are moving in. But the poppies still bloom as if someone were caring for the garden.
Some signs are worth a stop and a picture. I laughed at this one, because the place is anything but dismal. It's a pretty little hollow located in the same area as the photo below. (Although perhaps it does suit the little house above).

Just down the road from Dismal Hollow. See what I mean? The old bridge is decommissioned, and I wondered it it was a victim of the great flood in 1985. Jason and Matthew told me that for them everything in their lives is remembered as being "before the flood" or "after the flood." A true watershed event in their lives.

Another lovely homestead. I could have taken photos like these all day long and not traveled very many miles. I think many of these places may have stayed in the same family for generations. That kind of continuity shows in the loving care given to land and buildings. I wondered what the little building in front used to be: a school, church, or post office?

These silos are true West Virginia Mountaineer fans, with their blue and gold tops!

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