Monday, July 21, 2008

About the Green Nissan

I was right!

For once, anyway.

It was the starter, not the ignition!


The little car is back on the road again thanks to Larry's hard work, and help from Tim the Neighbor-With-the-Garage. Today the car passed 237,000 miles.

Maybe I'll reach that quarter-million mile mark with it yet.

'Course, I can't say too much about being right to my husband. Bad form, that.

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Glad for the easy fixffor your car. You never know.
Last time we drove to NC we had trouble with our Toyota van - almost left us stranded at a rest stop somewhere in VA because it would not start for quite a bit. We had visions of serious trouble and a big bill. We called ahead to the Toyota dealership in Concord three hours away. never cut the engine until we got there. Rode in and out in half and hour. It was ignition trouble yes, but it was a worn key. $9 and a new key and we have been up and running ever since.

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