Saturday, July 26, 2008

Etheree: Daybreak

This is a poem in the form called etheree. The form was named after an Arkansas poet named Etheree Taylor Armstrong. The etheree is a graduated syllable poem--first line is one syllable, next is two, and so on, until there are ten lines with the last having 10 sylables. The other important thing about the etheree is that it should have strong imagery.


O’er mountains
Mist in valleys
Bird song, rooster’s crow
Sunflowers turn to light
Chickory opens bright blue
Queen Anne raises her lacy head
Gardens glisten, wet with morning dew
The ancient earth awakes, refreshed and new


noble pig said...

Love that poem with the sounds nice when said aloud.

Granny Sue said...

That's a good observation, Cathy. Some famous poet, I forget who, said that a poem isn't really a poem until you hold it in your mouth. When a poem is read, it comes alive.

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