Friday, July 18, 2008

The Little Green Car is Blue

...and broken. After 236,000 miles, she let me down today. She refused to start at the gas station, leaving me stranded for the first time in our long relationship.

I wasn't the only one stranded. I was taking my grandchildren to meet up with their parents on the way to their vacation in Branson, MO. Clayton and Grace and I had a wonderful week together, and today was our last day.

We planned to visit the Philippi Museum to see the mummies, and to have a picnic at Cedar Creek State Park.

But the little green car didn't cooperate. Instead we sat at a Go-Mart waiting for my son Derek to rescue us. He tried, but the car didn't start for him either, even with jumper cables. So we called AAA, Derek stayed with the car to meet them, and we took off in his van to make our appointment with son #1.

We still had time for our picnic, but the mummies will have to wait for another visit. It's something to look forward to for next year, along with Hillbilly Hotdogs, Mothman, and Blennerhassett Island.

As for the car, it awaits attention from neighbor Tim who does the mechanic work for us (in trade for brick/block work). Larry thinks the ignition switch is bad, which means a new key, etc. I think it's the starter cellenoid. We'll know more tomorrow. (Larry is probably right.)

It seems strange not to see my little Nissan in the driveway...

The mysterious floating hat...(Grace's find at Rachel's Relics antique store in Ripley).

The end of a long day and a wild week. We all still look happy! and we were. I'll miss these two grandchildren.


City Mouse said...

Sorry for the car - I know that feeling, getting stranded. At least you had willing help and good company. Hope the little thing comes back to life. You must have treated it beautifully - 236,000 miles!

Devona said...

Did you get to see any of the
Branson shows while there?

Anonymous said...

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