Friday, July 4, 2008

Right or Left Brain?

Check out the dancer to see which side of your brain is dominant. Me? Right brain, definitely, although by concentrating could make the dancer change directions.

Can you make her change directions? Which side is your dominant side? There are several places online to find out more:

Explanation of the difference in dominance.

Test your dominance by answering a few questions. Again I came out right-brained, but there was little difference (10 for right, 8 for left) in the scores.

Right brain/left brain learning styles. It's good to know which you are because you can enhance your learning by developing better use of the other hemisphere.


City Mouse said...

Ooh - I checked out those questions. As I suspected, seriously right-brained here. Neat little tests - thanks for those!

Bubbasgotgas said...

So what does it mean if the dancer starts one way goes the other and just quickly causes you to be nauseous.

Anonymous said...

Great!!! The dancer never changed direction and when I took the quiz I was half left and half right brained!!

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