Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A few shots from Monday and Tuesday:

A tale of tales!

Grace played the wood xylophone for a story.

Clayton helped with set-up.

Talking about Anansi and the time he stole all the wisdom in the world. The thumb piano adds a nice touch to the story and introduces children to a different instrument. This program included several Anansi stories; since the libraries' theme this summer is bugs, Anansi the spiderman is a natural. I tell the kids this guy is the original spiderman. He doesn't wear a red suit or climb tall buildings, but he's very tricky!

Another Anansi story about how spiders got their thin middles.

This has been a fun program, with so many story possibilities. I've only scratched the surface (with stories of mosquitoes, fleas and such, maybe I'm playing on words here!).


Tipper said...

You have so much fun!! I wish my girls and I could hear your stories in real life!

City Mouse said...

You are punny! I was going to play the tales/tails card, but you bet me to it, you wordsmith, you! And you also found the "scratched the surface" one! Ah, well. I wouldn't expect any less. Looks like it was a great session, and the kids were very into it!

Granny Sue said...

Oh, we did have fun! I wish I could explain the rush that comes with storytelling. It's magic to watch people join in and play.

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