Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Strange Images from Moundsville

I am not sure how well these will show online.

The first two are of places inside the prison. The first photo is clipped from a longer-range picture. I wanted to see what the white places were in the picture because I could not remember seeing anything white behind this particular door--I believe this is the entrance to the maximum security cells, but I could be mistaken.

If you look closely at the whitish-green spot on the lower right, do you see a face? And if you look up and to the left of that face, do you see another face looking through the mesh--a face with dark, slightly skewed eyes? Enlarging the photos helps to see them better--I'm not sure if these will enlarge if you click on them but them might. Imagination is a mighty tool, and shadows and digitizing create eerie images, but still these left me wondering.

I do not recall taking any photos in areas that were as dark as this next photo. The tour was pretty well-lit. So I cannot tell you where this was taken--but look to the left of the greenish area--do you see a figure leaning out from the side? When enlarged, there was a shadow also leaning on the right side of the photo.

There is a fairly well-known photo online called "The Shadow Man" that was taken at Moundsville. This photo is not as clear, but interesting. I had never heard of him until we enlarged the picture and both grandchildren who were looking at the pictures with me shouted, "Shadow Man!" Gave me chills.

I also though it odd that both questionable photos had shades of purple and green. Coincidence, I suppose, but intriguing.

The next photos raised chill bumps too: a letter from Charles Manson to the Moundsville warden, asking to be moved to the West Virginia facility. The warden answered in few words, according to our tour guide: "it will be a cold day in hell." Guess he didn't want a new inmate.


Anonymous said...

okay you've creeped me out, I didn't see the shadow in the right of the second picture, but I did see the one on the right. But my question to you is on the first photo, of the cell itself, did you see the woman in between the bars on the right? Cuz, she's just weird.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say left on the first picture.

City Mouse said...

Okay, this stuff freaks me right out. Probably mostly because I believe in it. I don't see anything in the first picture (I do see the spots, obviously), but I do in the second. AH! Great post.

Granny Sue said...

Julie, it creeps me out too--because we really didn't expect to see anything in the photos. For one thing, I had the flash set bright, and that reduced the creepiness factor in most photos. So these two puzzle me. I don't knwo why they're so dark.

The place is not a happy place, certainly. It's difficult to imagine that so many years of brutality and misery would not leave something in the air inside those walls.

deborah wilson said...


This was an excellent post, Sue. One of the most creepy places that I've ever heard of.

The picture shows a few faces. The face that you enlarged - look straight up, is that another (white) face near the top?

I've seen this photo before and so I read about Polly Gears and her photo via the link that you provided - I also read about Tapps discrediting it.

This my opinion on Tapps and other paranormal investigation shows...I have no idea how they keep their ratings.

Let's forget about the pic for a minute...

In my opinion - setting up professional equipment for a few hours and thus obtaining no evidence as to the presence of spirits or other paranormal activity, should never encourage any professional to conclude that there is no evidence of paranormal activity and/or that supposedly a haunted place is not haunted.

The experiences that I have had were totally unexpected - indeed, I wasn't even thinking of spirits, nor did I have my camera.

I think it's a little like 'wishful thinking' to set up equipment, or for a novice like myself, to visit a cemetery with camera in hand, and expect to capture evidence. It's not like the spirits of the dead are going to rise up and pose for a picture. I've come to believe that it doesn't happen that way...I believe that it happens by chance.

This is not meant to discredit Tapps or other professional tv groups - I just think that due to time lines, they are acting hastily.

To their credit, temperature drops/cold spots, voice recordings (evp - electronic voice recordings), tell me something is going on.

But perhaps groups such as Tapps don't realize that voice recordings can just as easily be discredited.

The problem of the modern day, 21st century, is that technology can do just about anything. Knowing this, a hard core skeptic/unbeliever will discredit anything relating to the paranormal, even if it happens to be authentic.

I wouldn't be so fast to discredit evp's...although I've never tried to record any on my own, I have on several occasions heard my name called out and lower whispers I could not make out.

Ruling out the fact that I'm not on drugs, not an alcoholic, not mentally delusional, not a schizophrenic, in the paranormal world this is known as *clairaudience*.

Me and another blogger have been debating this issue for a decade. He is a hard core skeptic and his opinion is that science does not support the existence of spirits or life after death. He believes, due to lack of evidence and personal experience, that death is the end.

My opinion is that science may not yet support evidence of spirits and life after death, but even with all of our technological advances, the scientific world still has yet to disprove it. I believe, due to personal experiences, and what my own eyes see, that death is not the end.

And so the believers and non-believers continue to dance...:)

Good stuff!

Granny Sue said...

Interesting points, Deborah. I fall into the "we don't know enough to know" camp. We didn't know what cancer was for a long time either. I often wonder what happens to our minds when we die. Our bodies fail but our minds are as active as ever in many cases. I often feel that my mind is a separate entity from my body--the body aches but the mind nimbles along. Like my Dad--at death he was sharp as ever. So where did that very clear mind go? Is that what becomes the spirit world? I don't know, but I like to think about it.

We didn't anticipate anything from our photos but when I tried to see what those dark and white places were, I got a surprise.

I also believe that you need to be in a particular state of mind to be aware of spirits. Our minds today are so layered over with details and day-to-day living that we are usually totally unaware of our natural surroundings. If we get to that place where we can feel our surroundings, imagining how it was years ago, for example, or picturing the owner of a broken doll--and can be still and quiet long enough, sometimes I think we can develop a connection to the past. does it manifast as a psirit? Perhaps that could happen, or perhaps we come away understanding more about those who passed before us.

deborah wilson said...


I'm going to update that post with a link to this one.

The video - it is still there, sometimes youtube doesn't act right, so if you refresh the page the video will play correctly.

deborah wilson said...

About the minds....

I read somewhere that all humans are born with the ability to use and develop the 6th sense. It is even believed that most children have this capability through their toddler years. After about age 3 or 4 things happen to hinder the development of the sense. It is called the personal, social, and educational development of humans, i.e. school, ballgames, video games. This extra brain activity and focus on outside entertainment not only causes the 6th sense to stop developing but practically renders it useless (forgotten) as children grow older and their attention stays on other things.

The end result is that very few people keep the ability to use their natural 6th sense.

So you may be right about the brain being a separate entity, but I think rather it is an extension of the spirit/ or soul, and cannot function without the spirit/ or soul.

When I can find a source to the info above, I'll post it. It may be in one of my books too.

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