Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Updates: Going from the Dogs to Storytelling

Those dogs: they're doing great. I have more photos to share but their still on the camera in the car, which is down the road getting its oil changed at Tim-the-Neighbor-With-the-Garage's garage. Rosie (the beagle) is still boss, Otis (the black lab)has a great big deep voice that is comical with his skinny little self. Baby ignores them both. She's the cat, after all--even if we know she's an overweight elderly little cocker, she doesn't acknowledge the fact.

The car: running great. I was wrong the other day, the odometer is now over 238,000. She will feel much better after some clean oil. Apparently she's starting to use a bit now because when Larry checked it there was none on the dipstick. Oops. She still ran beautifully, so how was I supposed to know? Guess when cars gets older they develop a drinking problem?

The garden: booming. Cukes and squash out the wazoo (what is a wazoo anyway, and where did that term come from? or do I not want to know?).

Blackberries: coming tomorrow. Derek is picking them with Haley at a friend's place. I will process after I get back from work and an appointment. Haley is supposed to help me make blackberry jam and maybe freeze a few and maybe make a cobbler. Yum!

The job: a mess and getting messier. It's dark days at the library.

Storytelling: a new gig this weekend at the Glen Elk Wine, Cheese and Music Festival in Clarksburg, WV. Now doesn't that sound like a great time? I'll be telling stories with puppets for children at 6pm, then ghost stories at 8:30pm.


Anonymous said...

Southern Living had a great cobbler recipe...1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar, 1 egg, 4 cups blackberries, a tbsp of lemon juice (don't know why) and 6 tbsp of melted butter. Put the blackberries in a greased 8" square pan (so mine was a round cake pan, it worked)mix the flour, sugar and egg together, sprinkle (dump) over the blackberries, drizzle (whatever) the melted butter over the top, bake 35 min in a 375 deg oven...yum. I am not allowed to make it anymore unless we have company!

Granny Sue said...

That sounds super easy. I still use Mom's recipe--I think I put it on my blog last year. Does yours make the cake-like cobbler?

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