Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend with Maggie

My sister Maggie (the seventh child in our family of 13 children) and her husband Roger drove up from Maryland to visit over the weekend. What a great time we had.

We cooked, talked, went junking (and got very cool bargains), had dinner on the banks of the Ohio River in Pomeroy, listened to the riverfront jazz concert as we strolled the streets of the quaint town, had a cookout with friends and family and listened to the fiddle music of our friend Odie by the patio firepit until the wee hours this morning.

I was sad to see Maggie and Roger leave--it was a weekend I hope we repeat in the coming years.

A few minutes after they left, my grandchildren Grace and Clayton arrived for a week with Granny and Poppa Larry. Should be a wild time!

(Blogger is acting up--again--or is it Hughesnet? So I'll have to share the photos later.)

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City Mouse said...

Glad to be back home and to be able to check in on blog friends! I've been following your adventures on my little portable internet thing, but commenting is a nightmare. It's nice to be home, city or not!

What a lovely busy weekend! I hope all the visits were wonderful - looking forward to pics.

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