Saturday, August 9, 2008

Can Someone Explain This?

My son Tommy and I were car shopping (for him) today. We were dog-tired driving home.

As we drove past a chemical plant, a strange sight met our eyes: a young man who looked at least part Asian was walking down the side of the road. He seemed to be overdressed for the weather--wearing a long-sleeved sweatshirt. Maybe that's what made me strain my eyes to see him as we approached.

Or maybe it was that he seemed to be carrying something on his head.

As we got closer, I saw that what he was balancing on his head was a concrete block.

You know the kind--eight inches by 16 inches, two holes. The kind my husband lays for a living.

But this young man was balancing it on his head--no hands. As we passed him he assumed a yoga position. I don't know yoga, but I remember a class I took once and this was one of the positions we tried to master in that class: standing on one leg, the other leg bent, left foot- to- right knee, arms outstretched, palms down. As I recall, there was some sort of sign on the block.

Tommy and I looked at each other, speechless. Then Tommy said, " did we really just see that?"

I replied, "I guess so, because both of us stared with our mouths hanging open."

I still have no idea what that young man was doing. Would anyone care to venture a guess? The best I can come up with is that he lost a bet!


Tracey said...

I have no clue about this guy!?
How are Rosie and Otis?

Granny Sue said...

I need to post an update about the dogs, Tracey. It's a mixed report--some good, some sad.

Mary said...

I wonder if it could have been some sort of protest activity?? (but recent news from China does have protest activities on my mind)

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