Sunday, August 10, 2008

Invasion of the Big Pots

It's canning time! Two sizes of pressure canners and water bath canners, jelly pots, enamel pans for pickles and picking and every kitchen chore you can imagine, and the preserving kettle for, well, preserving.
And the turkey cooker that we have never once used for that purpose. To us, it's the canning burner. Powered by bottled gas, this sturdy one-ring cooker is perfect for handling the big pots. These pots, when filled, are heavy and I ruined one electric range with them. Now I do the canning outside. Less heat in the house, my stove isn't ruined and the big pots can live, for the most part, on the deck.

1 comment:

City Mouse said...

That is a great idea - doing the canning outside. I've also found that the propane stoves/cookers are hotter and faster than an indoor stove. Awesome!

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