Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Morning Drive to Work

Turkey family--or perhaps this is an extended family?--in the ridge road. How many can you see? I think I counted 12, but it was hard to count because they kept moving.

I have no idea why these photos have such an odd appearance, except that it was very misty that morning, after a light rain.

Quiet morning on Joe's Run, as the sun breaks through the mist to light the way.

A bright blue flower on a Tall Bellflower plant caught my eye, and posed for a good photo. It's a funny name considering that the flowers of this member of the bluebell family are actually rather flat. These pretty flower spikes love the rich, moist soil along Joe's Run.

A sudden shower yielded this faint rainbow just outside of Ripley and before I reached the interstate. I got some strange looks from other commuters as I stood in the rain in my dress clothes, taking pictures. This is the best of the photos I took, conditions being what they were.

A good day for pictures--and I managed to not be late for work!


deborah wilson said...

Good pics, Sue. I haven't seen a rainbow around here in a while. I'll be around the next few days catching up..:)

(I saw those bread n butter pickels yesterday...)

Granny Sue said...

Hi Deborah. I'm behind on blog reading again too. There are so many good ones out there, and people I like to keep up with!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us ride to work with you!


Tim said...

Nice to see the family of turkeys. There's a family of turkeys that live in the hills above the University here in Berkeley, but every once in a while, they come down to campus, and even into the flatland neighborhoods, to the confusion and delight of my neighbors. Imagine your photo, but with the road being a two lane street with cars parked on both sides, and apartments and single family homes lined up next to each other.

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