Sunday, August 3, 2008

Need I Say More?

My favorite auctioneer.

Larry checks out the horse-drawn harrow.

A large crowd withstood the heat to bid on horse tack, farm tools and equipment...

like this Ferguson tractor. Aaron, this photo's for you! How old is this tractor anyway--I'm guessing 1950?

Just one of the stunning views from this farm--almost a 306-degree vista from the house.

Well, maybe I need to say a little bit! Saturday was a farm auction in Leroy, WV--far, far up in the northern part of Jackson County (I think we might have actually been in Wirt County by the time we reached the farm).

It was hot! Still, several hundred people ventured out the narrow, twisty gravel road (take Liverpool Road to Fallen Timber Road, go about three miles until you see a sign that says "auction, turn left. Travel another few miles to the Fairview Cemetery, turn left again, go another mile and there you are) to the auction site, a farm high on a ridge in some of the prettiest country you'd ever want to see.
What we ended up with: three metal grain scoops (for chicken, hog and turkey feed), a good fencepost driver for setting metal fenceposts, and a sturdy toolbox. What I bid on but didn't get: a utility trailer for the riding mower, three square washtubs, and a concrete chicken (yeah, I know, I have live chickens! But this one didn't need any feed, as I told Larry).
When we left, we took a different route home...which will be the subject of my next post.


Matthew Burns said...

I've finally talked Shirley into going to a farm auction with me. There's one next Saturday in Clendenin that is suppsoedly to be really good, with lots of antique and other junque! I remember we used to go to auctions all the time when I was a kid, I love the deals and the whole excitement in the air. I think if I ever get Shirley to an auction, she will be hooked. When she reads your post, I know she will think we are conspiring together to get her to go!


City Mouse said...

Oooh ... the pain of the washtubs! That is a really cool item! Sorry you didn't get 'em. Sounds like you got some pretty cool stuff though. I think the scoops sound especially neat for some reason. The land and view there around the farm is gorgeous.

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