Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Poor Pitiful Puppy: Otis and the Bees

Poor Otis!

His love of adventure and exploring has led him to misery.

Apparently our black lab puppy dug up a yellow jackets' nest yesterday.

His little face is swollen terribly and he is miserable. He ran to meet me when I got home, crying and wanting 100% of my attention. He wailed most of the evening, crying like a child anytime he bumped his face into anything. Big knots are swelled out of his jaw and he looks so funny, but so sad.

Otis spent the evening on the couch--an absolutely, positively, never-ever bad-dog event--being pampered and commiserated with. He can only eat little bits hand-fed to him because his mouth is also swollen. And he is so quiet! The wailing ended in painful patience as he rested on the couch, waiting for this bad thing to be over.

Then he spent the night in our bed, allowing me just enough space to stretch out on my side. I mean, he's a poor hurt puppy, after all. He needs a lot of space. The little guy slept hard, and this morning looks better, but still very swollen. He's on a soft diet today--scrambled eggs and lots of soft words and petting.

Baxter, my number 2 son's golden retriever who is here on extended vacation while they get their house ready to sell, seems to be laughing at Otis' dilemma. Bax is enjoying being in the house, though. Can't leave him outside while Otis is in! (Baby, the cocker, doesn't care. She's the cat and she does her own thing--sleeping under the porch.)

Larry? Give him a dog, any dog, and he's a happy man.

And he's trying hard not to laugh at Otis.

Poor little dog.


Tracey said...

Poor Otis! Although he is getting quite pampered while he is not feeling well :)

Granny Sue said...

Isn't he though? I seldom let the dogs inside because of my asthma and allergies, but poor little guy was so pathetic I had to.

Anonymous said...

Please give Otis a big hug from me! I just love dogs. Hope he is feeling better.


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