Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stress Relief

Although my job continues to keep my stress level high, there are things that reduce stress with no effort on my part.

For example, today I went to my favorite coffee shop, the one that always has hazelnut coffee (a stress reducer in itself). The girl at the counter said "You're welcome" with a delightful British accent that immediately took me to my mother's kitchen. I found out that she was from a place only 20 miles or so from where my mother was raised.

On the sidewalk in town, three pink rose petals graced the bricks.

The soft wind before another rain shower was like feather strokes on my face.

Little things, but they made the day, one with a few bumps and hassles, smooth out and brighten, if only for a few moments.

What have you seen or heard lately that worked as stress relief for you?


Tracey said...

What kind is your rose?
It looks like a climber I have called Dream Weaver. I love how they bloom in clusters.

Granny Sue said...

Yes, it's the same one, Tracey. It's such a hardy rose, isn't it? and so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Let's see,

I paid off three CCs in three days. Don't have a dime left to my name, but there ya go.

Broke the door off my brand spankin' microwave. Called Cust Service. Totally helpful, sending a repair person out.

Forgot about the whole Dish Network thing, almost, grrr.

Dropped ten strokes off my last round.

Got Michaela started in school. No have much more tme for the things I want to do. Run, golf, kayak, bike, sleep... Just have to be home by 3:30.

Gonna get rid of two kittens this weekend...

Life is good!


Samantha said...

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