Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Victims of Good Rain

This year we have been blessed with plenty of rain. No late frosts and the abundance of moisture have meant the gardens and fruit trees have produced bumper crops in most cases.

The high rainfall produces another effect, one that isn't so desirable. The soil gets so wet that the laden trees can uproot.

Although we have props under most of our fruit trees, we missed this little wild apple tree.

The peach tree fell so quickly we didn't even realize it needed to be staked until it was too late. Unfortunately, when Larry attempted to pull it back upright, we found that the tree was rotten at the ground level and broke off.

I will miss the peach tree. It have been shading the Lady of the Garden for the past 15 years. It grew from a seedling that came from another tree that sprouted from a seedling that grew get the picture.

And contrary to popular wisdom, all of these trees produced large, freestone peaches. I was always told that fruit trees that grow voluntarily from seed will not produce good fruit. Tell that to my yellow apple and the many other wild apple trees and peach trees on this land!


City Mouse said...

Sorry for the peach tree, but glad you have plenty left! Also wanted to say that you literally had me hanging on every word of the Bucket Run story below. Neat story, especially with all the atmosphere of the old dwellings. Really cool. Any idea why it's called Bucket Run? Sounds colorful.

Granny Sue said...

Yes, we still have plenty of peaches. We're debating about planting another by the Lady. we may live without a tree there for a year and see what that feels like. If we do replant, it will be either a sour cherry or a crabapple--after tasting the pickled crabapples and crabapple jelly, Larry's sold on them!

Oh, the name--I thought I wrote that in the story, but perhaps it didn't go--Blogger was having issues this morning. The people who lived on that road worked on bigger farms on Trace Fork, and were paid with buckets of pickled beans and corn. Hence the name.

Imagesmith said...

I picked some hail tomatoes tonight. We had a hail storm in June that devastated my garden but I left it alone and it came back. The tomatoes look like tomatoes within tomatoes but they are as sweet as can be. And the sunflowers are just starting to take off. My apple tree that has always been hardy up until last years drought is struggling this year.

A friend of mine bought several peach trees this spring & they were grafted to another tree. They have taken off & climbing skyward.

Granny Sue said...

Welcome, Tom. Blessings can be found even in bad weather, it seems. I'd like to see those tomatoes.

Our tomatoes are coming in like crazy right now, so more salsa is on the horizon. We missed the hailstorms, but the winds were beastly during some of our storms.

noble pig said...

Intersting, I spent the day yesterday researching Elderberry wine.

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