Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Teller Reaches the Eternal Stage

Somehow I missed the news that Virginia Tashjian died in March.

Her book, Juba This and Juba That, has been a library and storytelling standard for years.

She also compiled With a Deep Sea Smile and more recently published The Flower of Paradise and other Armenian Tales, and has a book to be released this month called Once There Was and Was Not.

She was quite a storyteller. I hope she is still telling tales somewhere.


Matthew Burns said...

I never knew this lady but I am gonna check out that book. I'm sorry to hear that she stepped on a rainbow.

My Granny used to tell stories and would use the term "Juba" in reference to a faraway place.


Granny Sue said...

Matthew, I think you'd enjoy her work. I learned a lot from her work when I was telling stories to children at the library. As I branches out, a lot of her ideas stayed with me.

I'd like to read the book of Armenian tales, but it's still pretty expensive, about $40 on Amazon. I'll have to get it from the library, and then wait for a used copy to become available somewhere.

Matthew Burns said...

Okay Granny. You convinced me...that was easy, wasn't it? I just went and bought the book, "Juba This & Juba That" off of amazon. Can't wait to read it.


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