Friday, September 12, 2008

Chicken Riddles: Answers and Winners!

Okay, chicken lovers, the answers to the riddles:

1. What looks just like half a chicken? The other half, of course.
Mary, Matthew, Aaron, Christopher, Earthheart, Julie--everyone got this one perfect!

2. Where do hens come from? Hennessee
No one got this answer, but I have to give credit to Matthew (henside of an egg) Aaron (Hennsylvania) and EarthHeart (Asp-hen) for creativity, and Christopher and Julie for practicality (from eggs--duh).

3. Where do chicks come from? Chickago
EarthHeart got this answer, but Matthew's response is just as good (Chick-asaw), Aaron's is funny (don't know but they're attracted to nest eggs!), Christopher's is ummm, interesting, and Julie is practical as dirt (got to come from somewhere).

4. Which side of a chicken has the most feathers? the outside
Mary, Matthew, Aaron, Christopher, Earthheart, Julie--everyone who tried, actually.

5. Why did the chicken cross the road? to prove to the possum it could be done
Matthew, EarthHeart and Julie got this one spot on, BUT there were some really good answers to this one that qualify, I think:
Mary ( to get to the other side--makes sense to me), Aaron and Chris (to get away from Colonel Sanders), and Julie's addition of Rosie (the chicken-eating beagle that made a short residence here) has to get extra points.

6. What do you get if you cross a road with a chicken? to the other side
Mary got this answer, but Matthew's is hilarious (a tired chicken), Aaron's is too clever (Road Island Red), Chris--you sound like you've had experience!, EarthHeart is catching Aaron's weird mind, and Julie is being agreeable.

7. Why did the chicken go halfway across the road? to lay it on the line
EarthHeart got this answer, Mary is sympathetic, Matthew is literal (he chickened out), Aaron is close enough (to toe the line), Chris is practical (he got hit--geez!), and Julie is blaming Rosie for the chicken's disappearance.

8. Why did the turkey cross the road? it was the chicken's day off
Mary has a good answer (to keep the chicken company), Matthew is clever(he wasn't chicken), Aaron has hot wings on his mind, Chris got a laugh on his cousin, EarthHeart and Julie agree with Matthew.

9. Why do hens lay eggs? they'd break if they dropped them
EarthHeart got this answer, but Mary had the best answer, I think (can't lay blocks, not in the union), Matthew was practical, Aaron was scientific (is it really true that eggs can only stand two days a year? who knew?), Christopher played with my boys too much when he was young (if they threw them they'd break), and Julie--I don't even want to think where your mind was!

10. What’s a chicken’s favorite holiday? Thanksgiving!
Matthew and Julie got this one, but there were some very clever answers:
Mary (Easter--job security!), Aaron (Fowl-loween), Chris (his birthday because he eats steak, not chicken on his birthday), EarthHeart( 4th of July--eggsplosions).

So who wins? Let's see who got the most right answers; my very unscientific tabulation:

Mary: 3 perfect, 4 really good
Matthew: 4 perfect, 5 really good
Aaron: 2 perfect, 7 really good
Christopher: 2 perfect, 6 really good
EarthHeart: 5 perfect, 4 really good
Julie: 4 perfect, 5 really good

So, since EarthHeart had the most "right" answers, she wins the CD! Please send me your address by email, EarthHeart, to: and I will mail your CD on Monday.

And thanks to all of you who played! This was just plain fun. I'll have to come up with another contest idea.

(boy did this post drive the spell-check crazy!)


Mary Garrett said...

Thanks for the fun time!


I loved the contest - not that I knew the answers - just fun to guess. Ellouise

earth heart said...

What a nice surprise! I can't believe I won and can't wait to listen to the CD. Thanks for the fun!

Matthew Burns said...

I demand a recount!!lol.

Congrats EarthHeart.

earth heart said...

Hi there GS - I wanted you to know I did email you with my address, but will do so again. Thanks again!

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