Saturday, September 6, 2008

Men in White

No task is too great for Men in White. Not even-feeding sugar water to the honeybees. These men are ready for the task.

A little smoke to calm down the natives...

Are the bees ready for them? You bet! Clayton has his first look inside a hive. The bees seem to be proud of the honey they've made--almost 2 full supers.

The sugar water (red because they added the leftover fruit punch to the mix) is already finding customers.

Mission accomplished, the Men in White return to headquarters for their next mission--lunch.


George said...

Good pictures! Clayton enjoyed it and was excited to tell me about it when we got back. No honey for personal consumption this year thought right?

Peggy said...

My mom used to tell about her parents having bee hives. She said Grandpa would put on the suit for protection, then end up calling on Grandma to help. Grandma would go in without a suit and get the job done without getting stung.

Nice to see actual photos of beekeepers in action.

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