Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Otis Meets the Movies

Some of you who've been reading my blog for a while might remember that we took our television out 2 years ago. Larry started suffering withdrawal last winter so for Christmas I bought him a little personal DVD player.

He loves it. He can watch movies, which is what he missed most, and then just put the whole thing away. I love it because he can put the whole thing away.

Now, Otis came here in July as a puppy. He's never been around TV. He's an outside dog most of the time, so the DVD player has not been around where he's been.

Until last night when Larry let him in, and then turned on the DVD player.

Otis was astounded. As you can see by his face in these photos. Too funny!

I think he likes it!


Kathy said...

To funny. But it looks like he is enjoying himself.

Anonymous said...

Otis, my man, you have it made. Hugs to Otis!


Deborah Wilson said...

Too funny -

Every time that I turn on Animal Planet and some animal growls, etc., Ms. Rabbit's ears go up and she starts thumping. My dog use to bark at other animals on t.v. lol

Granny Sue said...

Don't you love the way animals react to things? Brewster, my son Jon's dog, has been staying with us for a while. This week he's been all down in the dumps and we didn't know why. So today Larry took him for a ride in the truck--and he's just fine now! Go figure.

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