Sunday, September 28, 2008

Overheard at Breakfast

My husband and I overheard a man on his cell phone at the restaurant yesterday morning:

"She put what in her ear? Why did she do that?"
(Okay, he had my attention)

"She can't get it out, huh? What did she try?"

"I can't imagine why she'd want to put it in her ear."

"She'll have to go to the doctor, that's all."

"Well, tell her she has to go. I don't care if she feels stupid."

Long patient wait.

"She might as well quit trying to get it out. She's probably making it worse."

"Call me when you get back from the doctor. I bet she feels ridiculous."

He hangs up, then turns to his breakfast companions.

"It wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't nineteen years old!"

Hoooo boy.


Deborah Wilson said...

I wonder what it was...

That's like reading 3/4 of a story!

Anonymous said...

Kinda like a solve-your-own mystery. I was picturing a toddler with a crayon stuck in her ear. Now I am leaning toward a cell phone accessory...

Whoo knows?


Granny Sue said...

Cell phone! I like that idea, Aaron. That is probably what it was--or maybe part of an earring?

Mary Garrett said...

Wasn't there a song about "beans in their ears"?

tommy said...

well, it probably wasn't her elbow!

Kathy said...

When our youngest daughter was about 7 her sister told her to put one of those little yellow pellets in her ear (the pellets where used in a toy gun). We ended up in the emergency room to get it removed.

But at 19 you should know better, still it's funny.

Granny Sue said...

One of our sons put a crayon up his nose and i had a terrible time getting it out. Why would he do that? We'll never know. And then there was the time my sister swallowed a sock. I need to ask her about that...why would you do that?

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