Thursday, September 4, 2008

Southern Ohio Storytelling, Arts and Music Festival

It’s coming!

The Southern Ohio Storytelling Festival, September 4-6, 2008

And I will be there, telling stories, singing ballads and listening to other storytellers weaving their magic.

The event is held at the Majestic Theatre in downtown Chillicothe, Ohio. Chillicothe is a beautiful and historic town in southern Ohio, best known for… The Majestic has been painstakingly restored and its grandeur is a treat to the eyes. Add that to the stories that are sure to be a treat for the ears, and how can this festival not be awesome?

Storytellers include Lyn Ford, Willie Claflin, Bil Lepp, Sally Crandall, Kim Weitkamp, Bill McKell and others.

The schedule for Friday and Saturday's events is posted on the website.

I hope to see you there!

1 comment:

Matthew Burns said...

I've never been to Chillicothe but it is on my "places to visit" list. I've probably built it up in my mind, but I've always been fascinated by Old Chillicothe, the Shawnee town. It was a very important place for the Shawnee's. Probably all those parts are now gone though. Bummer. Must be my Shawnee blood that drawing me there.

Have fun this weekend, it sounds like a good time awaits.

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