Thursday, September 18, 2008


Priscilla was the winner of the "What Did She Say?" contest. Congratulations, Priscilla! And I will honor your request to give a CD to the next child who needs it.

Matthew, you were second, and because you are such a good sport, and since the winner is deferring her award, you will get a CD too. Send me your snail mail and I'll send it out.

Thank you to everyone who entered. Almost everyone got ALL the correct answers. I can't believe it took me like 5 minutes to get the first one...but hey, I had to listen to them over the phone! That's harder than seeing them in writing...right?

This is really fun. Thanks again for playing.


Matthew Burns said...

Since I really didn't win, how about you use the CD I "won" (as a consolation prize) for the prize in the next contest that you will have. That way we can have a good ole-fashioned knock-down for it, and I can win it fair and square! My competitive streak is showing!!lol.


Granny Sue said...

OK, Matthew! I understand. Too many guys around here for me to not recognize competitiveness when I hear it :-)

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