Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ABC's of Homemaking

I saw this on Janet's blog and thought I'd give it a try.

Janet said: "I saw this at, Crafty Passions, who saw it at That British Woman ,who saw it at Niki's Rural Writings, who saw it at Pieces from Me, who saw it at Coffee Time At Home.Please feel free to copy and play along on your blog. Just take out my answers and put in your own."

So here goes:

A ~Aprons--y/n If y, what does your favorite look like? Yes indeed. Like Janet, I like vintage ones. I have one of my mother's, and a few others collected here and there. I use them and so do my granddaughters when we're baking.

B ~ Baking--Favorite thing to bake? Just about everything! I used to make a lot of homemade bread, but not now. I love to make pies and cobblers, and of course Christmas cookies.

C ~ Clothes line?No, sadly; but I plan to have one again within the year. I miss it.

D ~ Donuts--Have you ever made them? Yes, but not any more--too many empty calories.

E ~ Everyday--One homemaking thing you do everyday? Pick up and put away! There is always something that needs to be put back in its place. Cleaning countertops, that's another. I can't stand it when the counters are dirty.

F ~ Freezer--Do you have a separate deep freeze? Yes, a really big one that is completely full with our veggies, fruits, turkeys and pork. I feel good when I see it, knowing winter is coming on.

G ~ Garbage Disposer? Do my chickens and dogs count? Except when we have pigs, these are the only garbage disposals I have.

H ~ Handbook--What is your favorite homemaking resource?My cookbooks. I have many and use them all.

I ~ Ironing--Love it or Hate it? Or hate it but love the results? I don't mind doing it, but time is a problem. My mother loved to iron, even my dad's t-shirts!

J ~ Junk Drawer--y/n? Where is it? Wow--you mean someone doesn't have one? I have one in the kitchen, and one in the living room by the front door. And several other junky drawers that could qualify.

K ~ Kitchen--color and decorating scheme. Walls are pale sage green and golden yellow; decorating has a lot of red mixed in; early 30's vintage would be the theme, if I had to specify. It's pretty eclectic.

L ~ Love--what is your favorite part of homemaking? Seeing it all tidy after I've straightened up. I like making the bed too--my day always seems to be more organized when I get up and make the bed right away. I can't stand for it to be unmade all day.

M ~ Mop--y/n? Yes, two--one for the porch and one for the house. Also a dust mop that gets used daily.

N ~ Nylons, machine or hand wash? In the machine! I wear them almost every day to work. No fancy treatment for them.

O ~ Oven--do you use the window or open the oven to check? I open the door, of course. How else can I get my glasses to steam up? and smell the good things cooking?

P ~ Pizza--What do you put on yours? We don't eat it very often, but when we do either the supreme or the Hawaiian is my favorite. I'll settle for mushrooms and pepperoni, though.

Q ~ Quiet--What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? Go out in my garden and look around, pet my dogs, or write. I get very few of these, it seems.

R ~ Recipe Card Box--y/n? What does it look like?I made one from a Breyer's ice cream carton covered with contact paper about 20 years ago. It's big and messy.

S ~ Style of house--What style is your house? I guess you could call it cabin style--rustic, with an old log addition, rough wood siding, a big porch and deck, fireplace, etc. Homey but definitely not fancy.

T ~Tablecloths or Place mats? Both. Sometimes I use only placemats, other times I use both the cloth and the mats. Like Janet, I have several vintage tablecloths that I use from time to time, and one very old crocheted one that stays on the big table in the log room. It comes off if we're using the table for food.

U ~ Under the kitchen sink--organized or toxic wasteland? Organized as well as it can be.

V ~ Vacuum--How many times per week? Never. I don't own one, except for the little handheld type. We sweep, dustmop, wet-mop and wax our wood and slate floors. Much easier to upkeep.

W ~ Wash--How many loads of laundry do you do per week? About 5 loads a week, I think. With only my husband and myself, there's not so much laundry as there used to be. But when all the family is home, boy oh boy--then it's probably 10 or more loads when they leave and I catch up on sheets, blankets and towels.

X's--Do you keep a daily list of things to do that you cross off? Yes, at work and at home. I have to in order to remember everything.

Y ~ Yard--y/n? Yes, a big one, country style. Who does what? My husband mows and weed-eats. I take care of flowers, herbs, shrubs and some of the vegetable gardens. He takes care of the bigger vegetable patches.

ZZZ's ~ what is your last homemaking task for the day before going to bed? Turn off the lights, check the woodstove to be sure it's loaded (or turn off the AC in summer), and get my clothes ready for the next day.

I hope to read your ABC's on your blog! Let me know if you decide to play.


City Mouse said...

What an awesome list! And fun too! It must be great - it's certainly making the rounds! Thanks for posting it - I'm going to try to get this done before I head out this weekend.

earth heart said...

I like! I'll be following soon by posting this to my blog as well.

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