Thursday, October 16, 2008

Am I Too Short?

Or are all clothes just made too long?

I am so tired of hemming things up--sleeves, pants legs, skirt hems! Almost everything I buy must have a hem.

And if that isn't bad enough, the shoulders are usually positioned wrong too. I have to figure out how to take dresses and blouses up at the shoulders and still maintain the look of the garment. Often this involves the use of a safety pin or two! Because I get lazy or there just isn't time.

Then there's the waist--usually coming at the wrong point on my body. Sometimes taking up the shoulders fixes it, sometimes it can't be done.

Coats are a problem too. Ever tried hemming the sleeves of a heavy coat? Impossible to do and get it to look right. The shoulder issue returns, too. And the waist--because it the coat is too long before the waist, then it doesn't want to button over my butt! What a pain. I end up buying a bigger coat, which doesn't fit right in the shoulders and is too long in the sleeves just so it fastens correctly all the way down. Even jackets have the same issues.

Okay, I know--I could get a smaller butt! But really, there are many, many women in America shaped like me. There are Petite sizes available IF you have the megabucks to be able to afford them in my size. The selection is limited, however, and since I'm a consignment/resale type of shopper, the options are pretty limited. I'm too cheap to pay that much for clothes.

Are there others out there feeling my pain? Sometimes I think the only choice I have is to make my own clothes as I did when I was a teenager.

How do the rest of you cope with this?

Oh, for two more inches of height (instead of width)!


Janet said...

Very funny, Susanna!
I feel your pain, as you have probably noticed, I am short, too.
I've stopped hemming blue jeans, that is such a pain, I'm tired of breaking needles. I have been lucky to find petite sizes in jeans at yard sales and thrift stores. If they aren't petite, I don't buy them any more. I've often wished for a couple more inches,too. But I've stopped wishing, because I always end up getting them in the wrong place.

City Mouse said...

LOL - Great pics! I stopped wearing things that actually fit long ago. I have the opposite problem - tall. By the time I buy something big enough that it is long enough, it looks like a potato sack. These days, I stick to jeans (that can be rolled up), and sacky shirts!

Tracey said...

I feel your pain!!! If you figure out where to get one of them smaller butts, let me know cause I need one too!!!!

Mary said...

Lands'End will hem pants to your inseam measurement, for no extra charge.
Having fun telling stories in Kansas City.

Lucky13 said...

My problem is the arms. I can find jeans that fit my length, but tops that fit seem to be beyond my reach! And let's not start on coats! If I can find one to fit my shoulders then the arms are too long, if I go down a size then the circulation gets cut off at the elbows...and sewing? Um, never took to it, unless by hand. I think designers believe we have the torsos and lengths of the if!

Kathy said...

I'm the other way - legs are always to short if you buy regular length and if I buy tall size the legs are too long and the crotch hangs to low.

Sleeves are another problem, they are always to short if I but something that fits everywhere else. To get sleeves the right length I always have to go up a size and then the shirt hangs on me but the sleeves are okay.

I have thought for years that they need to do something with size charts and the way things are made and put in to a select few categories.

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