Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn in its Glory

It's that time--every gentle breeze brings with it a flutter of jewel-like leaves.

The driveway gets a new coat of color.

This sassafras tree along the driveway is stunning in its array of gold, orange, red and even some purple.
A closer look at one leaf reveals the ranges of color.

...and a bit further away to see the full effect of the tree. Isn't it lovely?

The Cosmos are the only flowers surviving the drought. You can see how brown the grass is.
Looking from the house, over the chicken house and to the beehive--see it under the ash tree? The bees are still doing well, with regular feedings.

The dogwoods are laden with berries for winter. With the heavy fruit and seed we've seen this summer, I wonder if it's in preparation for a hard winter? Or just a blessing after the slim pickings last year?

I'm not sure what kind of tree this is, but it is gloriously colored. It's not a red maple, but some sort of understory tree, I think. Does anyone know?

The gold of sugar maples just can't be described, especially when the sun is shining through from above.

Have you been out walking this week? What trees are changing colors where you live?


Janet said...

Beautiful leaves!

Tracey said...

Beautiful pictures!!!!!

Lucky13 said...

Hey Sis,
Over the weekend it seemed our leaves put on their fall color. Honest! On Thursday hardly any and then Saturday, POOF!!! Color, though we aren't too pretty this year. The colors don't seem as bright, dull even. Our Dogwoods are laden with berries also, as well as a few hollies...I wondered, too, is this a prediction of winter. And the wooly caterpillars are solid, no stripes of brown or black. Shall we visit these subjects in March, and see if indeed, these are nature's predictors?
Love you, Julie

Granny Sue said...

Julie, I bet it's lovely at your house. Your mountains are so like ours.

I'm wondering about the winter too. We're due for a good cold one.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks for these pics. I was in Missouri last week and the leaves were just patchy.


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