Monday, October 6, 2008


I do love to go junking. Last week at an auction we had great luck finding things at low, low prices. Here's some of the things we found:

A good, sturdy crowbar for 1.50

a stack of old pictures and prints for 1.00 that contains a very old embroidered German house blessing (I have work to do to save this one, because the fabric it's embroidered on is crumbling) and an old oil painting--no Old Master, but pretty. I'll post photos of both of these pictures later.

6 pink depression glass tumblers for 4.00

a large enamel dishpan that's actually a strainer for 1.50--great for picking veggies in the garden and washing them off with the hose before bringing them in the house

a stack of 18 large tin tea trays for 2.00--from the 1940's-1950's, painted with different flower designs; destined, I think, for EBay.

a large aluminum pitcher like we used when I was a girl for water (lovely when filled with ice and water--the sweat beads on the outside, and a large cream pitcher for 1.50 each

an old galvanized watering can for 7.00 (big splurge there)

an old, eighteen-piece hand-painted ceramic nativity set for 1.50 (marked "old" and "expensive" on the box, but the Baby Jesus seems to be sporting an Elvis hairstyle to my eyes!)

a box of miscellaneous for 1.50 that included a glass percolator (great for when the electric goes off), and old aluminum colander with the star shaped punch outs, a rolling pin, mortar and pestle, and other stuff

all these English bone china teacups and an ironstone platter, a lovely blue glass vase, a black vase with an inlaid abalone design, and other stuff for 8.00

a small trampoline in perfect, like new condition for .50

assorted winter squashes and horseradish roots for 3.00

a large handmade oak-split basket and another basket for 5.00

an oak child's rocker for 4.00

2 "jam kettles" (old preserving kettles) for 3.00

a box of linens that included the items in the photo plus 4 complete sets of 100% cotton sheets from JC Penney's (I love old sheets--they feel so cold and smooth on the bed! I can't stand polyester-blend sheets). The table runner is unusual--it's made of wool and embroidered with wool. The embroidered chef towel is going to a friend who collects chef stuff for her kitchen. 7.00 for all of it.

6 square, pale pink plates with silver trim and daffodils for 10.00 (okay, I blew it there, but those plates are pretty!) I haven't been able to identify the maker, but suspect it's Homer Laughlin or some maker close to that style and type of dinnerware.

a handmade bluebird house and a box of misc tools for 2.50

wood magazine rack for 1.00--and I saw the exact same kind at an antique store the next day for 18.00

new rubber chore boots for 2.00, just Larry's size

a box of misc hardware, a chalk line and chalk (Larry uses these in masonry work) for 2.00

Basically, the truck was full. When we got home we had the fun of sorting through the boxes, keeping what was good and making a pile for the trash and one for Goodwill.

Fortunately I can't go to this auction very often or we wouldn't be able to walk through our house. But I sure wish my sister Julie was with me, because she's a junker too, and she would have had a blast picking through all that stuff. Next summer, Julie!

So, did anyone else go junking over the weekend? Any cool finds? Tell us about it!


Janet said...

Well I don't go to auctions, but you know I go to yard sales every week. If I brought that much stuff home all at once, my kids would kill me (just kidding). That dish towel looks very familiar, I think I seen one somewhere this week.

Robbyn said...

Oh, I LOVE going junking!!! Haven't done it in really scored, wow :) Congratulations (isnt it fun??)


Peter Holland said...

Hey Granny Sue

Those English cups and saucers are right in my zone!!

Looks like you've got some Colclough "Amoretto" and various Royal Vale to my me. Nice! I could be wrong because there's a few makers that all look the similar.

Great junking expedition, thanks for sharing!


Judy said...

Hey Sue,
I love antiquing too--keep me in mind next time!!!!


Judy said...

Hey Sue,
I love antiquing too--keep me in mind next time!!!!


Truck Reviews said...

Looks like you’ve got a good eye for finding the good stuff.

Matthew Burns said...

Wow, it sounds like you made out like a bandit! Okay, if you ever need to find a home for that embroidered German house blessing, I could be forced to give it a good home!!lol. Me and my collection of all things German, I drive Shirley crazy with it!

I have yet to be able to talk Shirley into going to an auction, this sounded like a great one. I know she'd love them if she ever went.

That was sure a deal on those tin tea trays. I was looking at some of them at the antique mall this weekend and they ranged between $12-$25 each!

I sure wish I had been at this auction instead of wasting my day at the Milton Pumpkin Festival. Yuk, my first and only trip to that.

So, was this a one time only auction or a recurring auction? The end of your post seems to indicate it is recurring. If so, where is it?

Great post!

Kathy said...

Wow, you got some real bargains. I don't know if you have ever heard of It is the same as Ebay but they don't charge you anything to list things for sale at and the percentage that they take at the end of the sale is nothing compared to Ebay. You might want to check it out. I have a store at PlunderHere but I have suspended it for a while due to family matters (my sister is fighting cancer, so I help her a lot, no time for a store).

Granny Sue said...

One of my dreams is to have my own shop one day. I thought i'd start with EBay, and Kathy I might try out PlunderHere too. I love going to sales and I'm fascinated by old stuff; I think I have a fairly good idea of what's valuable, although I can get fooled too.

Best find to date was a punch bowl set for $10 at a yard sale that is worth close to $1000 in the antique books. I still have it, though--one day I'll sell it.

earth heart said...

Looks like you made a great haul! I love junkin', too but don't do as much as I used to in an effort to scale down my stuff in general. That doesn't keep my DH from going, though and bringing me home box lots to rifle through :) There's nothing better than a good old country auction!

City Mouse said...

You certainly got a truck full of finds ... but that box of linens is incredible. I LOVE that stuff. Okay, the teacups are pretty awesome also. Yay for junk!


Granny Sue - great pictures and what a haul. I love thrift sales of any kind. We had a pastor one time who said his hobby was "yard sale-ing."

Juli said...

Great finds ! I so love things like that.

We have a huge heard of wild kitties here.


Healing and love for whose who will miss him !

Tracey said...

Wow! You made out....sounds like a lot of fun too!!

Granny Sue said...

It was fun, Tracey! Judy, definitely if you can get the time, it would be a blast to go to the auction together. Matthew, it's at Rockport, which is north of me on I-77 near Parkrsburg. It's a weekly auction. We only stay for the outside auction, but they move inside later for the bigger or more "antique" items. They bring in loads from as far away as New york and South Carolina. This most recent lot was mostly from South Carolina--I could tell by the newspapers wrapping some of the items. And one thing that was in one box I can only think was some sort of voodoo doll. Rather odd, finding that.

I am bringing you the German blessing tomorrow (if I remember it). It's certainly fragile--I'll post a photo in a few minutes, although since I've wrapped it in plastic for transport it's a little hard to see.

Peter, welcome to my blog! I checked out your website and it's fascinating! I appreciate your comments on my teacups. I'll have to look closer to see what the names on them are--I did look, but don't remember offhand.

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