Sunday, November 9, 2008

Autumn Peace

Some things that bring me peace this time of year:

The sights:
  • the softness of hills clad in ochre and bronze, wrapped in a stole of soft morning fog
  • the sparkle of captured frost on spider webs
  • the sight of a wedge of geese against a blue sky
  • the subtle, long twilight of evenings
  • the sunsets of purples, golds and red
  • the starkness of trees against a leaden sky
  • the sweetness of Bartlett pears ripened in the cellar
  • the swish of leaves under my feet

The colors:

  • the gold of ginko trees against red brick
  • the scarlet of maples against blue skies
  • the green pines in woods suddenly brown
  • the purple of last light
  • the gauzy white mist that rises from creeks in the morning
  • the rich coffee of white oak leaves, and the deep red-brown of the red oak

The smells:

  • the scent of hickory nuts
  • my winter coat, just out of the closet for the first time this season
  • wood smoke in crisp evening air
  • hazelnut coffee brewing in the morning
  • just-turned soil
  • turnips newly pulled from the garden
  • apple butter bubbling in a copper kettle in November air

What brings you peace these autumn days?


  1. My favorite thing, this time of year is to go out in the cold night air and look at the stars. Its not as cold as in Va, but last night was pretty cool. I saw two rabbits playing, 4 shooting stars, and 2 UFO's. There were 2 stationary objects with lights changing white, red, and green. They weren't airplanes and never moved. I suspect they were satelites of some kind, but thinking they were UFO's is more fun.

  2. As I said yesterday, your blog is often a gift of peace. Also, I'm finding joy in watching the trees change, and as leaves fall, I'm getting a view of the little pond. . . to every season . . .
    I always pick up a couple of pretty leaves to keep through the winter, and this year I have a hickory nut also. I've been seeing husks on the back deck and in the yard, but when I moved the potted plants in for the winter, there was a nut hidden in one. The squirrels may feel bad about my "theft," but I'll repay them with interest some snowy day when they really need it.

  3. It's a beautiful time of year, all the way around - as you so beautifully explain here ... the sights, colors, smells. It's really my favorite season. Thanks for the neat post - really made me take stock of all the things I love about Autumn. Now, I have a ton of Granny Sue posts to get caught up on!

  4. Thank you for sharing that with us. I really enjoyed it.

  5. Mary, I am glad my blog provides a peaceful moment in your day. It does the same thing for me! And knowing my friends and family are out there reading and sharing my days with me is a real pleasure.

  6. Oh, yes, you have captured autumn beautifully! These are the things which make us all feel content when we take the time to really enjoy them...all priceless treasures, ours there for the taking! Loved this post about my favorite time of year!


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