Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jaime!

Here's to you, Jaime--
Great gardener
Caring mommy
Lovely wife
Creative cook
Peace lover
Home maker
and lucky me, my daughter-in-law!

Happy, happy birthday!

(Ha! Caught you looking at the camera for once! Who is that wild woman with you?)


Anonymous said...

Let's see, Jaimes day went something like this.

7AM Getting the kids up (with help) and put on the school bus.

8AM I made eggs with diced potatoes and coffee

9AM Rode along while I took the great big truck (GBT), now semi-legal, to get an inspection sticker.

10AM Went Grocery Shopping (took GBT)

Noon Home to get a message on the machine that some kid had puked on Michaela, and to bring clothes quick.

1PM We drove the GBT to Barrackville to deliver said clothes.

2PM Darned Husband made her drive the GBT home for "familarization".
Loving husband (LH) made homemade Reubens for lunch. Went to sleep watching TV.

4PM Woke up to kids playing, LH baking granola.

5-7PM Kids homework and math flashcards

7PM Had ice cream and cake.

8:30 Put kids to bed, Turned on TV

9:30 Went to bed after falling asleep on the couch...

Could have been worse, I imagine. We sure had a fun day!


Tiger Lady said...

The woman in the poem sounds like a fantastic woman - LOL! Thank you, that definitely made my day.

Wild Woman Andrea - ya gotta love her.

Granny Sue said...

it sounds like a lovely day, leaving out the upchuck part!

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