Friday, November 7, 2008

Joe's Run: Autumn

Joe's Run Lake at dawn. See the way the fog is lifting over the hill? I just missed a V of geese flying by when I snapped this. One of the things I don't like about digital cameras is the delay after snapping the picture befire you can take another one--I miss things.

Looking down the lake to the dam. This is a very small lake, more like a pond really, but it offers a chance to see waterfowl, beavers, and seasonal reflections like this one.

Moon over the mountains at evening.

I wish my camera would do a better job of evening photos. (that glass of wine I spilled on it last spring certainly didn't help).


Matthew Burns said...


I too am a sucker for scenes like this, especially in the fall. I scare Shirley to death when we are driving along and I spot migrating waterfowl. I'll practically slam on the brakes and slide onto the berm of the road to get out and watch them. It was really interesting riding with me on our trip to Roanoke, VA a few weeks ago, and all along the New River we kept seeing migrating ducks!! I think I scared several years off her life!! I guess it stems from my love for ducks, geese, and all things that inhabit wetlands. In my opinion, you really haven't lived until you take a quiet walk through a real wetland and listen to the sounds of everything. One of the most (for fear of sounding hippie-dippie) spiritual moments I've ever had was when I was working in the wetlands of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and I was putting in a mallard nest structure, and all of a sudden, a huge flock of Canada Geese arose from the water around me, and the whoosh of their wings and the sounds they make when they are taking flight, coupled with the water that was practically lifted by their wings, and then it fell back to the wetland as they raised off the water. I just stood in amazement for a few moments. It was also neat to see them circle overhead and then land around me within a few minutes.

Seeing migrating waterfowl just speaks to me, and I can't help myself, it somehow triggers something in my soul.


Granny Sue said...

I hear you, Matthew. It is spiritual, a reminder that with all our efforts and grasping, natural creatures still follow their ancient instincts and continue the same path as all the generations before them. While we keep our noses to grindstones and often don't even notice the changes around us. And we're supposed to be the superior beings?

Anonymous said...

I too hear and feel the spiritual oneness nature gives us. Fall must be a good time of year to notice it. Tonight as I was walking my dog it hit me, cars or planes, just the moon lighting the mountains to the west and the landscape before me and I felt for the first time in a long time, the true natural beauty of where I live. Sometimes I personally, forget to just stop and notice how much beauty the night can bring.
Love you,

The Tile Lady said...

These are incredible photographs! And Matthew, I enjoyed reading your comment, too. We were given unspeakable treasure with the Nature that surrounds us, and so seldom truly appreciate it, or learn from it. Would that we all did so more often....

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