Friday, November 14, 2008

Storytelling Review: Katie's Girls

My storytelling friend Suzi Whaples, known to all her friends as Mama, has a new CD. I've been thinking about how to tell you about it.
First, let me say that Suzi speaks with the voice of the mountains. Her speech is true to her place of raising in Putnam County, West Virginia. It's colorful, intimate and comfortable. As you listen, you will feel like you are out on the porch with her on a summer day, drinking sweet tea and pushing the glider with your feet.
One thing is very clear: this is not a CD that was recorded for children. Children can certainly listen to it, and will probably enjoy it, especially the story about vampires. But this CD is really for those of us who have lived a while and understand human frailties and glories. The stories center around Suzi's grandmother, Katie; Suzi tells the stories in her grandmother's voice, recalling hard times and good times, her grandfather's death in the coal mines, her grandmother's determination to raise nine children alone and well, and the pain and joy that accompanied everyday life in the mountains. The banjo music behind the stories is a fitting backdrop.
The CD is a jewel--not polished to perfection, but perfect as we are all perfect, with stories that will make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. Her heart is in this CD, and when you've finished listening, yours will be too.
You can purchase the CD at Tamarack, or contact Suzi at


The Tile Lady said...

Oh, it just sounds wonderful! I have to have this!


Granny Sue said...

You will absolutely love it, tilelady. Suzi is so down-to-earth and yet spiritual too. And funny!

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