Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who Is that with the Governor?

Why that would be my sister Maggie and her husband, Miracle Man Roger, visiting us from Maryland a few weeks ago. We stepped out of the Downtowner after breakfast, and who should be coming up the street but Joe Manchin? So of course I had to get a picture!

Roger has recovered remarkably well from severe burns that occurred two years ago, affecting over 70% of his body. There were many times during those early dark days when I wondered if we were being selfish in wanting him to live because the burns were so, so terrible. The prayers of many friends and family members must have shaken the heavens, and Maggie's tenacious oversight of his treatments was so formidable and persistent that those dark days passed and recovery did not seem so impossible after all.

After many surgeries, skin grafts, therapy and procedures, he is once again the man we knew--with perhaps an even deeper sense of humor.

For example, on his last visit to the doctor, the doc said, "You look like a million dollars!"

Roger replied, "Almost."


Juli said...

Most excellent !

I'm sure we can be selfish in what we want for those we love but I believe that in the end, things are always as they should be :)

City Mouse said...

Awesome! What a neat opportunity for a photo, and congrats to Miracle Man. All good things always!

Tiger Lady said...

Roger is a 'Miracle Man' and his sense of humor matches. That was a good weekend sitting next to the fire and chatting it up with Maggie and Roger.

The Tile Lady said...

What an inspiration he is! And how wonderful that he has such a great sense of humor! Prayer is a powerful thing! I am so glad you posted this! Sorry it took me so long to respond (I get behind!)


Maggie and Roger said...

You never mention how you traveled 8 hours to be there to sit by my side with a few of his more emergency surgeries. Nor how you have said the rosary over the phone with me in some of my darker solitary moments. Everyone should have the beautiful circle of strong & loving support I have had from the women in my family. My sisters were there every step of this dark journey with Roger's injury. Our family is seriously all encompassing and uplifting. We are phenomenal in our positive thinking.
and....yes...I just figured out how to leave these comments..:)

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