Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

Here are a few of the decorations we've put up so far. We still have a lot to do, but I think we'll be able to finish this weekend. I prefer to wait to bring in the live greens until a week prior to the holiday to keep them fresh longer.
It's funny. Only Larry and I are at home these days, and we wondered, why bother? Then we got down the totes of decorations, and the memories began. As we put each thing out, we remembered when we got it, or who liked it most. We debated about outside lights but the truth is we both love them, so we're putting up some that don't require climbing on the roof and such.

Here is the tree, with the apple and orange garlands and the paper stars. When we decorated it, I put a lot of vintage ornaments on it, then stood back to look. We both agreed--it was too much. So many ornaments were taken off the tree, and we like it better like this. What stayed were the beaded ornaments my mother made, a few that Tommy made, one I made when I was about 13, a bell from my granddaughter's wedding, and just a few others.

It is by far the simplest tree I've ever had, but it suits what we want this year. The older ornaments went back into the boxes for another year. Next year I will undoubtedly want a different tree.

The last photo is of Larry's fireplace. I call it that because he built it with stones from our land. Every night during the winter we have a fire in it, and every night I am amazed all over again at my husband's ability to build something like this with what is at hand. He always said what this house needed was a fireplace.

He was right.


City Mouse said...

The decorations look terrific, but I can't take my eyes off of that twig lamp! I love it. And that hearth ain't to shabby either. What a lovely, inviting place!

Tracey said...

Everything looks just PERFECT!!

Janet, said...

I like your tree, and your decorations, Susanne. Very country Christmassy.

Matthew Burns said...

I just love your belsnickel!

And the fireplace is very nice, you both are just so talented. If you all see a place that needs something, then you just build it. Amazing! Was this Larry's first fireplace, because it looks great?


Granny Sue said...

Mouse, the twig lamp (there are two of them) were gifts from my second son and his wife after we built the log room. They are a perfect fit, aren't they?

Matthew,this was Larry's first stone fireplace. He's a bricklayer adn has built many fireplaces with brick over the years, but this was the first time he attempted stone. Some of the stones were originally big foundation stones that he cut like a loaf of bread-you can tell which ones they are because they're almost square. All the rest of the stones are from our land. I love the way it turned out.

Janet, I think the tree fits the room, don't you? It's definitely a country room, with a few more elegant touches here and there.

Anonymous said...

I really love this Sis, it looks like the rest of your home, warm and inviting. Perfect!
Miss you two already,
Love Julie

Granny Sue said...

We miss you too, Julie. Larry tried to call today, just to aggravate you!

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