Friday, December 26, 2008

Happiness is a Red Toaster

My toaster died. It wasn't a great one anyway, and it took so long to toast even lightly.

I sent my husband (that long-suffering man) to the store with one command: "Buy a red toaster."

Why red? I really can't say. I'd seen them in stores and thought that when I got a new one, I wanted it to be red. I mean, why settle for white, or black, when you can have red?

I was excited all day, waiting to see the red toaster. I never doubted that he would find one. When I got home, I asked, "Where's the red toaster?"

On the counter was a toaster. A white one. A plain, cheap, $7.72 white toaster. I was so disappointed. They didn't have red ones, Larry said. He really did try to find one. So--a toaster is a toaster and I decided I wasn't giving it a chance.

It was a terrible toaster. It could not handle the kind of bread we buy, the whole-grain big-slice kind. It took forever to toast half a slice, then we had to flip the bread to toast the other half. Geesh.

So I got on Ebay. There I found many RED toasters. All kind of pricey or too cheap to be worth taking a chance. Then I saw it.

A candy-apple red Oster toaster. Used once, the ad read. $10 starting bid. I bid $10, figuring I could take a chance--and the shipping was free! I wondered why they only used it once. Not a good sign.

No one else bid, I think because the toaster had water drops on it and in the photo it looked like it was all dinged up. So I won, and a few days later the toaster arrived. The packaging was stunning--in a not-good way. The toaster was simply plopped in a box and the box taped shut. No bubble wrap, no peanuts, nothing. Not a good sign.

But the toaster was beautiful. Who knew that toasters now come with electronic controls? And that they could be cool to the touch even when toasting?

The only problem was the toaster burned the bottom edge and toasted no other part of the bread. A big problem, that. After a little detective work, we decided that the interior racks weren't in the right place. We found out how to move them through trial and error and popped in more bread.

Perfect toast. Perfect little toaster.

I am happy. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy, does it?

Just a red toaster.


Mary said...

. . . a little red toaster, and the cleverness to make it work right . . .
Congratulations on getting a bit of your heart's desire!

City Mouse said...

Congrats on your red toaster! It's an even sweeter victory that you were able to make it work. They probably sold it off cheap because it didn't occur to them to mess with it. Bravo!

Granny Sue said...

Thanks, Mary. I hate to lose money, so I was hoping we could get it to work.

And that's what we thought, Mouse--the seller burned their toast the first time they tried it, so they sold it. One of the benefits of being do-it-yourself type people is that you're willing to try something and see if it works. Of course, in the age-old tradition, that can lead to those "hey yall, watch this" moments that end in disaster!

Carol said...

Or-- happiness is a bright blue round bale feeder for my Irish Dexter cattle. Oh well, maybe next Christmas. This year I got jade earrings and pearl necklace and earring set from Korea (they are ridiculously cheap there). I'll be the best-dressed overall-clad lady those Irish Dexters will ever see.

Janet, said...

I like your red toaster. I think Fiestaware makes toasters, but of course, they would cost more than $10.

earth heart said...

Oooh, what a pretty thing! I'm with you all the way, why settle for plain old white or black when you can have red, especially candy apple red. So glad you got it to function properly.

Deborah Wilson said...

Nice toaster!

Better than a toaster oven any day!

Tipper said...

Ebay is good for finding hidden treasures! Love the red.

Kathy said...

I have a red toaster and I must have been as excited as you were when I got it. I love my red toaster!

bayouwoman said...

Love it! I think you've started a new trend, Sue!! I just have to get me one, too!

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