Friday, December 12, 2008

Internet Issues

Hughesnet was down again last night, and still down this morning. Was it the rain? the snow? the ice? or just Hughesnet being Hughesnet?

Ah the joys of satellite internet! Not as fast as it was claimed to be prior to purchase, nor as reliable. But the only option for those of us too far out to ever have a hope of high-speed lines.


Carol said...

Same issues with Wild Blue Satellite Internet. Still much better than dial up on marginal quality country telephone lines.

Granny Sue said...

Very true, Carol. I just have to remember that. Larry took my blow dryer outside and melted the ice off the dish and thingy that picks up the signal today. It was working when I got home. That country ingenuity at work!

Matthew Burns said...

Granny Sue,
Hold out for a few year because a new day is coming. Even Pendleton County (North Fork) has just got (well, a few months ago) a gov't grant to get Fiber optic internet. They have the fastest speeds anywhere in WV now (imagine that), and it is available only to customers of Spruce Knob/Seneca Rocks Telephone Company...all 500 of them! The prices are pretty reasonable, too, around $40/month. Of course, it cost the gov't something like $10 million to get it there. So, even you all out in the boonies of Jackson County can hold out hope, because frankly, if they can get it in Pendleton County, they can get it anywhere. It's just a matter of time!


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