Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tommy Update

Tommy is 19 weeks away from the bodybuilding competition in April and continues to lean down while building up muscle. Here are some recent pics:

He is at 9% bodyfat and weighing 193 lbs. He said in his email, "This goes to show how much progress I made this year as far as size goes. Last year when I was at 9%, I weighed about 174 or so, so I've gained nearly 20 lbs of muscle over the past year."

As far as the kind of diet and workouts this takes, he said:

"About 2500-2600 calories, somewhere in that vicinity. I don't count anything, my trainer does. So basically all carbs are around training; if I don't workout....I cut carbs off at meal 2 instead of 3.

"The workout split is very intense, its a 2 week cycle, just rotates....goes as so.....shoulder/biceps-quads/calves-chest/triceps, back/hamstrings, biceps/calves.

'The next week is shoulders/triceps,lowerback/hamstrings/traps, chest/back, quads/calves, biceps and triceps. The type of workout is known as HIT (high intensity training). 2 to 3 warmup sets at 60% max effort, nothing too strenuous.

"Then the very last set of that exercise is the 'death set', where you go all out 100% to complete and total muscular failure. Drop sets (hitting failure at a certain weight, dropping the weight down, going to failure on that set, dropping down again, etc. etc., forced repetitions from a training partner, so on and so on). The goal as far as bodyfat wise is 3 to 4% by time the show comes around, which is hell to say the least."

It's a lot more complicated than I would have thought, and the diet regime is rigorous. I didn't want to post it because it might be the property of the trainer.

I'll publish updates every few weeks so if you're interested, check back under the label "Tommy" or "bodybuilding" to see how he's doing.

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Yeti said...

About 12-15 years ago my old best friend was training for a body building contest..I don't know if he ever entered or not.. Haven't talk to him in years..Good luck to tommy!

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