Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This morning we woke up to a light skiff of snow on the ground. Larry made last-minute preparations to his bonfire preparations. It's a BIG pile, and should burn for many hours.

All of us are waiting for dark, for our visitors, and for the lighting of the bonfire. Right now I'm supposed to be napping, but instead I'm wondering if I've fixed enough food, if we have enough desserts, if it's going to be too cold to stay outside for very long.

Although by the look of that pile, I think we'll warm all of Joe's Run and a few other holler besides.

If you are reading this and still haven't sent your troubles to burn, email me at , or leave a comment here. I'll be checking off and on all night and printing what comes in to add to the basket.

Back to watching this last day of 2008 fade slowly to dusk.


  1. Happy New Year!
    We'll be having black-eyed pea dip--I'll post the recipe soon--have a house full of guests!

  2. There's a beautiful sliver moon and Venus (I'm guessing it's Venus) outside my windows. I can see the pond now that leaves are gone, and the tree frog just sang! Life is good.
    Thanks for posting the bonfire photo. I thought you might have been too busy making ready to do that.
    I'm going to go raise a cup of tea to you!


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