Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tommy's Bodybuilding: 7 weeks from showtime

Tommy is going to try an earlier show for his bodybuilding because he's down to the right level of bodyfat for a bodybuilding show--6.5%. He learned about a show in Covington and he's going to enter that one as well as the April show in Parkersburg.

Here is a picture of Tommy at his current level of training. This pose is to show the develop of his triceps.

This pose is called "most muscular." It's not a full shot, but does show chest, stomach, traps (those muscles and dip on each side of his neck), triceps and arm development.


warren said...

Nice cabling in the shoulders...good luck!

Tipper said...

Congrats to Tommy and his excellent accomplishment!!

Anonymous said...

How did you corner the market for the best looking sons?!?! I can't imagine the discipline it takes for Tommy to reach his goals. He must have had a good upbringing!


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