Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice Puzzle and Other Illusions

Care to guess what this might be?

I love optical illusions, and this sight in the snow and ice looked like one to me. I found it on the patio; the colors and patterns attracted me. With the zoom lens on the camera, it looked like a basket, or perhaps a knitted hat?

Did you guess what it is?

It wasn't anything special, just

a little red table covered in ice and snow on a foggy cold morning.

I liked the pattern created in the snow by the table's frame too. The snow is all but gone, but I took as many photos as I could to remember this white week.

If you like optical illusions, try these sites for some eyeball amazement:

Optillusions provides some of the favorite illusions and links to many more.

National Institute ofEnvironmental Health Sciences provides illusions that seem to move and shift, change colors and numbers when none of those things actually happen.

And of course, to visit the master of the illusion, you must visit M.C. Escher's website.


Cathy said...

I love Escher. I'd love to be that talented. The snow has been pretty but a bear for travel here. It's snowing right now. Just enough to make the road slick again.
I love FOOTMAD. My first husband and I used to go to listen to the music and dance years ago. I have thought of going with Al but it seems we always have all 6 kids when an opportunity arises. Closest we get to enjoying good music together as a family is Vandalia. Stay warm!

City Mouse said...

Wow, that's neat. My guess was painted wicker. I guess I must have payed way too much attention to the patterns of painted wicker in my lifetime. Reminds me of one of those "stare at it for a long time and the picture comes out" magic eye things.

Granny Sue said...

Cathy, Footmad hosts free jams from time to time; one is this Sunday at the Alban Center in St. Albans. You might want to check out their website. Even with the kids the jams might be doable.

Anonymous said...

Your picture looks like fish scales.

Susan said...

I didn't guess--and it was so pretty up close.

Optical illusions are a lot of fun, and they're interesting to play with my autistic kids, because they always see things in unexpected ways--thanks for those links!

Granny Sue said...

I never thought about that, Susan. What an interesting insight. I remember my ADD grandchild who could listen to my stories and remember such details that others never thought about. I ran into that in schools too---the ones teachers would point out as potential problems were always some of the best listeners; I think it was because they could so vividly picture the story, making better use of vocabulary and imagery than the other kids.

Jaime said...

I couldn't figure out your picture at all. It was almost eye crossing.

Hee-hee, right now I'm listening to Tommy and Aaron tell stories. Tommy's roommate tricked him into eating chocolate exlax. hee-hee

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