Friday, February 27, 2009


The lettuce is up! Planted the first week of February.

And I think I heard peepers this morning.

Before we know it, the lawnmowers will be out and we'll be longing for quiet winter days by the fire.

Ah, humans.


Char5 said...

LOVE IT! Bring on those lawnmowers and don't forget the lemonaid!


Susan said...

ARGH! I've been 'meaning to' plant my lettuce and early peas for weeks now... I owe you one dear, because envy is stronger than self-discipline: I'm planting them first thing tomorrow morning! LOL

warren said...

Peepers? Already? Wow I hope so! I don't think you'll ever catch me wishing for fall/winter though!

Granny Sue said...

Listen tonight, Warren, and see if you hear them. It was a faint chorus, but I'm sure that is what I heard. Poor little things wil be driven back under cover this weekend, though, with snow flurries in the forecast.

Anonymous said...

We always want what we can't have. Someday we'll get right. Maybe.

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