Monday, March 30, 2009

Blog Visitors

I am always amazed at where my blog visitors come from. Yesterday there was such a spike in activity I knew something odd had happened.

Odd indeed. Apparently an anime blogger (anime is the name for the Japanese-style graphic novel so popular with teens today--and a lot of adults too) wrote a cartoon based on the Aesop fable of the Golden Axe. The blogger linked to my blog for the story so that his readers would understand the source of his tale.

That link has generated well over 500 visits here! Will the new visitors go further than that post from a year ago? Probably not, but how amazing that they were here at all. If you are one of those visitors, welcome. I know this isn't your kind of place, but welcome just the same.

Another visit to an older blog came from a screenwriter who visited and left a comment on my "Raw Head Bloody Bones" post. Again, an old story drew in a new reader. He may never come back, but I am glad he came and left a comment that he'd been here.

You just never know who will connect with something you write. Which is why I love to write, and why I love to blog.


Rowan said...

I find it interesting to see all the different people who leave comments, I don't have a hit counter so have no clue how many people actually read it. I had a comment from the producer of a BBC TV series called Tales From the Green Valley once after writing about a visit to the place where it was filmed.

Susan said...

Wonderful! You never know who's going to be inspired by a story, or where they'll take it.

My daughter wants to be an animator; she loves anime and manga. Wonder if we've crossed online paths right here? LOL

Matthew Burns said...

Ain't it the truth! I have a visitor on my blog that is from Swaziland. That person shows up a couple of times each week. Very interesting to me that he would find my tales of Appalachia worth reading.

Perhaps they are a transplant? Perhaps lost? Who knows, but I'd sure like to know the rest of their story.

But, as you said, that is one of the reasons we continue to blog.


Granny Sue said...

I had a visitor from Uzbekistan for a while. He finally emailed me--it was someone I knew who had joined the Peace Corps! your visitor might be the same, Matthew.

Susan, you may have. That's a funny thought. I don't think the anime readers will find my rural life interesting, but I certainly was intrigued by the anime site. Just trying to understand the drawings was a challenge. It's like another language.

The hit counter is kinda fun, Rowan, although the information isn't really helpful; it just satisfies my curiosity.

Janet, said...

It is amazing where they all come from. Last year a craft sight in Turkey posted about my pink and blue blue jean quilt I made. I had tons of visitors from Turkey and the surrounding area. I couldn't figure out what was going on until I clicked on the referring URL and there was a picture of me holding my quilt staring back at me. It was all in Turkish, so who knows what they were saying about me. I still get visitors from that sight.

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