Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's the Little Things

It's the little things that make a day bright.

Little things like:

The mist beneath the trees as the sun rises early in the morning

A man in a jeep who waves me ahead of him into the parking garage

A woman who holds the elevator when she sees me running across the street to the parking garage

A Star Magnolia bursting from bud into bloom in one day

Happy teenagers playing with puppets

What little things made your day bright today?


Janet, said...

Seeing my forsythia in bloom and getting to hang my towels out on the line to dry.

Susan said...

Sunshine today. After a loooong winter of low clouds and cold rain, finally, Sunshine. It's all I'm asking for! LOL

Simon Brooks said...

After a bad night last night I received an email from someone saying: "Opening your website and hearing The Lonely Boatman took my breath away!"
That took my breath away!
Also walking my son to the bus stop in the mist and when he stuck his foot in a puddle and we watched the swirl of mud, he said it was like Jesse fighting the dragon in "Shape Shifting Girl." Great moment!

Also your comments put a smile on my face today too, so thank you for that.

Granny Sue said...

Ah, the sun! wasn't it beautiful? Daffodils are out everywhere, Janet, and the forsythia is gorgeous this year.

I don't mind rain, Susan--maybe I'm weird. My hair even likes rain. But then I know my hair is weird.

Granny Sue said...

Simon, that would take my breath away otoo--and now i've got to find your website and listen to that song. I spent an hour on YouTube last night listening to Irish songs. What a pleasure that was.

Your son is the true son of a storyteller! What a guy! I was chatting online with my granddaughter last night, sending her links to the songs I was listening to and talking about selkies and such. It gives my heart pleasure to know that my grandchildren know what these things are. I certainly didn't when I was growing up, but storytelling added many other worlds to my life.

Small Pines said...

Funny, I was just thinking what a nice time I had a work today. I spend three hours an afternoon with a group of over-intelligent theatrically inclined teens. We had a wonderful time today - rehearsed the play and sang and sang. Supervisor was in today, and said, "They're good in the play AND they're happy. I couldn't ask much more of you than that."


Echo your feeling about how much storytelling has added to my life - from stories to knowing special folks like you. Today my day was enriched by a call from a friend I have not seen in a while. Connections mean so much.

Granny Sue said...

They do, Ellouise. When it comes down to what's really important, it's the people we love. The rest is just stuff. Pines, it's the same with your teens. They are what's important. Seeing them happy and creative makes your day, doesn't it?

DGranna said...

Introducing a class of 4-5 yr. olds to spoon playing and a washboard to play along with David Holt's "Mole in the Ground." Their eyes were so bright and mischievous. Introducing city kids to bluegrass.

Granny Sue said...

Now you're talking fun stuff, DGranna! And completely satisfying for the soul.

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