Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Along Mill Falls Road

(Quick post tonight because I am right tired!)

Last weekend we stayed with my son and daughter-in-law near Fairmont while I was the Mountain State Storytelling Institute. Here are a few photos taken along their road.

Daffodils dot the site of an old homestead. This place inspired a rough draft for a poem that I'm working on.

Up on the ridge the green is not so evident as it is along the creek below.

Forsythia lights the way along Mill Falls Creek.

This sycamore tree seems suspended in mid-air; the soil under its roots is washed away but the tree remains upright.


Janet, said...

Those are pretty pictures, Susanne. It always amazes me at where trees grow. I've seen huge ones growing on rocks.

MK Stover said...

I did not know your children lived up that way!
I spent a lot of time up that way at my cousins' farm when I was a kid :).

Granny Sue said...

How funny! There is one farm on the road I especially like, a white house on the ridge, on the right hand side. It's beautifully maintained. I think my daughter-in-law lusts after it!

We're up there often--that's the son and family who came to the ghost stories at your coffeehouse with me, back in October.

Appalachian Raconteurs said...

Thanks again for your help. We also have a youtube channel now. Hope you enjoy your Easter.

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