Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Babies

But these babies are real turkeys--really!
At the feed store, bronze and white turkey poults mix it up.

Aunt Kate (the new Aunt Kate to baby Cadyn) carries the babies home.

In the carrier; someone is mooning us!

Mirror image?

These two are exploring their new home.
And finally settled down for the night.


Laura said...

Too cute! Are the turkey poults larger than the baby chicks? Did you have to special order or does your feed store usually carry them each spring? I'll be interested to see pictures as they grow up!

Granny Sue said...

The poults are slightly larger than chicks, and much calmer. They grow very quickly!

Our local feed store carries them in the spring, and sometimes as late as June. They are easy to raise, but wll die more easily than chicks--the slightest injury can do it. We bought 12, hoping that 10 will survive until fall. Last year we started with 6 and ended up with 4.

Janet, said...

those are so cute. Susanne, you've got a regular farm out there on Joe's Run.

Cathy said...

They are so cute! Did you find them at Green's? I nearly ran over one last week on the way to Wwinfield. There were about 10 or 12 just walking across the road and I just sat there and let them finish crossing. Some beautiful toms in there too.

Tammy said...

They are right cute, but not as cute as Cadyn! ;D

lilly said...

So far as cute goes I know who would win. CAYDEN with out a second thought. Do these babies have to have a warmer light as
baby chicks do? Beautiful here today.We have seen several turkeys recently on the way to my brother in laws,his summer home is where we have to travel through seveeral woodsy areas. Good luck with all your babies. Lilly

Granny Sue said...

We got them at Around the Farm in Ripley, Cathy. I used to get mine from Green's years ago, though. We have a lot of wild turkeys around our place, but the one time I tried to cook one it would have been better used for show leather--I think there must be a trick to cooking the wild birds.

Lilly, they do require a warmer light. They're more fragile than chickens for some reason, and often you have to teach them to drink water. They are not so bright. Last year we did not have an outdoor run for them but this year Larry will build one because they will do better if we can get them outside a little. I just worry about dogs and coyotes getting to them.

Matthew Burns said...

Good luck with that fine looking flock of birds you have there. I know what you mean about cooking wild turkeys, Mom roasted one one time, and it was so tough she had to let it simmer for 4 days before she could stick a fork in the broth.

Maw bought her 6 ducklings last night so I have some new siblings. She says she's missed having duck eggs, but knowing her she will pet them down so, that they will be too lazy to lay.

You'll have to ask Larry if he wants some of that "magic" feed like they have back home in the commercial turkey houses. You can grow a turkey from the time it's hatched to a full-sized bird in only 9 weeks. I wonder just how many types of growth hormones are in that feed. We had a pretty good conversation about that on our excursion. You've got the right idea, raise your own birds and you know what you are eating.

Granny Sue said...

We used to raise a lot of birds, Matthew, and we'd dress them out and sell them at Thanksgiving. These are intended for our own use--with about 25 chickens to dress out, I think we'll have pretty much all the poultry we need for a year's eating. That's our goal--to raise the meat we eat along with the veggies we need.

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