Friday, June 12, 2009

Choice: Flash Fiction Friday

Following Susan of Stony River Farm blog's suggestion, I'm trying out this form of very short story. To tell a story in 55 words or less is no easy task, especially for someone as wordy as I am.
Here's what I came up with:
photo citation: Steve Dewey,
Utah State University,
Steam rose from the blue pottery mug. An age-spotted hand lifted it unsteadily.
A sip. A sigh.
The cup returned to the counter.
Another hand, young and soft, picked it up.
“This is how you want it?”
“Yes. Good-bye, dear.”

She’s gone now.
It’s time.
Six, dressed in black, filed in.

If you want to give this a try, be sure to go to Mr. Know-It-All's blog and leave him a comment on his Flash 55 post. It was his idea, after all. It's a good exercise for writers to hone their words to the minimum.


Susan at Stony River said...

Oh, wow--you've sent my imagination in fifty different directions with that one, imagining all the possible backstories. Terrific! And the lovely hemlock, a nice touch.

Granny Sue said...

Thanks, Susan! and thank you for suggesting this site. I love it.

Dr.John said...

Great story. It has so many possiblities.
The other reason for writing a 55 and the reason I try is simply because its fun. I have no talent to hone.

Laura said...

This is cool.
Brevity is not my strong point, so maybe I should try it.
Thanks for the link.

Mimi/Irma said...

Wow! You have a powerful imagination, girlfriend! I wrote a Flash55 Story yesterday and posted it on my Blog. Then when I sent G-Man a comment, he looked at my story and in his comment he asked that I contact you to let you know you need to send him a link to your blog so he can read your story. I was confused about how to do that, also, so I put my blog address in the comment I left for him. (Did I say all that in 55 words or less? Noooooo!)

G-Man said...

Frickin FINALLY!!!!!!

Anyway...Granny Sue, did you have fun doing this?

I hope so because I sure would like you playing again next week.

I Loved your 55. I'll mark this on my Fav's so I can be on-time as well.

Have fun at your convention...Galen

Granny Sue said...

Well, like I was GONE for a couple days. Then had to go search online just how to do the link. I'm as savvy with this as I need to be, so I just learn to do things when it's necessary to do the next thing I want to do.

I loved the exercise. I do similar ones sometimes at one-minute writer, and at First50. Often the short piece gives me an idea for something longer.

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