Wednesday, June 3, 2009


More rain today, pouring like an angry river from the sky. The creeks are bank-full, grass is almost too soaked to grow but weeds are gloriously tall. Everyone is worrying about their gardens because the soil is too wet to work and the weeds are getting a strong start.

There are good things that come with a rainy day. A chance for Larry to focus on cleaning up inside the house. Time to plant fruit trees that just arrived in the mail (2 apple, 2 plum, 1 apricot). Time to pay a little more attention to the dogs. Time to call a few people and catch up on news. And as the evening is blanketed with fog, time to read a book, cover to cover.

I could do other things, of course, and actually had good intentions. I would cut out 50 finger puppets for upcoming programs. I went to the closet for the felt--and remembered that I gave all my leftovers to the local library last summer. So much for being productive! I could have tackled a lot of other things waiting for my attention, too, like:
  • paid the bills. That would make some other people happy.
  • sorted the piles of mail on my office table.
  • put away books I've pulled out recently for research.
  • dusted (Larry will clean, but he hates to dust)
  • hung up my clean laundry.
  • hemmed the new summer pants I bought last January, figuring I'd have plenty of time to work on them before summer.

I suppose I'd better pray for another rainy night tomorrow so I can check some of these things off my list. But for tonight, it was pure pleasure to stretch out on the couch and read.


Mary said...

Good for you! Reading is as necessary as eating . . . or breathing! You more than deserve the break!

Jason Burns said...

Honestly you make ME tired looking at all you do.

And I think you listed a couple things I put off all the time too. I think, I could do this - but then end up vegging on the couch, or puttering around. Last evening I did finally clean up the attic from the rummage I did for the yardsale on Memorial weekend, but other than that I rested.

Susan said...

Congratulations on getting so much done inside, and on the evening reading--sounds lovely!

As for your outside, it sounds depressingly familiar. Make it a bit chillier, and that's our usual weather!

Granny Sue said...

It was a great night to rest--and it looks lke another might be on the way today with more rain.

I did at least get my desk straightened up and got the blls organized and ready to pay before I went to bed. So that was good. Tonight I'll pick up felt and start on finger puppets. And maybe read some more!

Matthew Burns said...

Great that you are planting plum tree's. I love fresh plums! Be careful of any early signs of black knot, that's what killed all of my Granny's plum tree's. Once black knot gets a hold on them, it is nearly impossible to get rid of. My advice, get you some lime sulfur and sprinkle around the base of the tree about every few months. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

So did you ever get you another crab apple tree since one of yours fell last year?

All this rain...I think somebody needs to take the dead snake off of the fence!

Granny Sue said...

Agreed! I sure didn't put it there. I'd never heard of black know so I googled it. Definitely something to avoid. We haven't had plums before, although there used to be some wild ones on our property. They were overtaken eventually by the forest. Wild plums are so good!--if you eat the innards and not the skin. The skin is so tart it curls your lips. Of course, some people like that sourness. And it's great pectin for jelly.

Cathy said...

I'm glad for the cool off in weather and my flowers are really growing. Haven't had any deer grazing thru the flower beds. It looks beautiful out your way.

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