Monday, June 22, 2009

Surprise Gifts

During a visit to our friend Jason's new house recently, he surprised me with a mystery box. It was something he knew would thrill my heart-- the odds and ends left over from his yard sale! He knows how much I love junking, so he culled his remainders for things he thought would intrigue me. How well he knows me!

What was in the box? Take a look:

A flower frog, three little ceramic cups and saucers that look like they're supposed to be on a wind chime, a heavy pair of old pinking shears, a red-handled tea strainer, a ceramic model of Westminster Castle, an old receipt book, a hand drill, a sign that says "Hoem is the starting place of lvoe and dreams," and two railroad spikes with a lump of coal mounted on a board. Oh, and a little smurf book.

I. loved. it. All of it!

But the best thing in the box? This!

It's an old WWII artillery shell casing, brass and copper and very heavy. It is the perfect thing for holding our barbecue tools. Larry was a happy man when he saw this item! I'll put a little polish to it when I have time.

Thank you, Jason!

And John, thank you for the marvelous jam. I have to admit the blueberry didn't make it home--we tasted it at Tommy's place and Anastasia fell in love with it. The plum butter though--no one better get between me and it. That stuff is delicious, sweet and tangy and just right on toast.

You guys rock. I'll be owing something back your way, but it's got to be the right thing for your very cool house.


Mary said...

What great gifts! and Happy Birthday again -- I'm glad it was so sweet!

Granny Sue said...

Aren't they, though? You'd love Jason--and John is one good jam maker.

It was a good birthday, and today's storytelling was like icing on the cake. I'll have to post photos tomorrow.

Jason Burns said...

GSue! Glad you liked all that stuff. I saw you in pretty much every piece I put in.

I would have never thought to use the casing for holding utensils! Great idea! I was at one time using it for a flower vase, but I don't much like cut flowers since they tend to wilt and die. Much rather have live ones. Anyway, glad you liked the box!

Susan at Stony River said...

Wow, such a thoughtful man! (Is he single?)

I LOVE love love the artillery shell as a barbecue-tool holder; that's marvellous. The variety and oddity of the rest of the collection is wonderful too. Hey, we're cleaning out our garage---can *I* bring you a mystery box too? LOL

(Seriously, is he???)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Lucky you!
I know a couple of people who would love that shell casing. My Captain included.

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