Thursday, July 23, 2009

End of the Puppets and Summer Reading Trail

Today was my last performance for this year's Summer Reading Program at West Virginia libraries. I am sorry to see it end. There were so many highlights:
  • about 300 fingerpuppets were made, and about 20 wooden spoon puppets
  • at least 700 children attended events at 9 programs
  • 100 children attended writing workshops
  • at least 300 parents were delighted that their children enjoyed the storytelling and puppet-making
  • about 2000 pompoms, sequins, fake jewels and google eyes were attached to puppets
  • about 500 feathers adorned puppets and/or library floors--ditto felt pieces, foam pieces and other assorted craft odds and ends
  • 20 or more different stories were told, crafted, improvised and enjoyed
  • one storyteller has a pile of craft supplies to sort and memories to hold

It was a great summer in West Virginia libraries, and I am sorry to see it end.

However--more storytelling is on the way:

  • August 1 at Clifftop, along with an incredible array of old-time music events
  • August 5 at Camp SummerFUNdamentals for WV Rehab

Then a long break until October. In the meantime, I'm prepping for next year's library programs. Arrggghh, Matey! 'Tis pirates, sea creatures and more on tap for next year!

Photos and more tomorrow. Tonight I feel rode hard and put up wet. See you when the sun is high!


Jai Joshi said...

I'm glad it all went so well. Have fun at the events in August.


Janet, said...

Susanne, sounds like you're a crafter in addition to being a storyteller. You're gonna have to start putting crafts on your site.

Granny Sue said...

When I was a library branch manager, we did many, many children's programs. Kids like to craft so we made a lot of different things over the years, Janet, from sponge-painted flowerpots to paper bag monsters, masks, puppets, puzzle pins, suncatchers, books of many kinds, even paper. I loved it and I loved the search for crafts that fit the programs. Sometimes I had to come up with new crafts because we didn't find the right thing.

I grew mini-pumpkins for the kids to decorate, and cotton to make Christmas ornaments. I brought in a long crooked branch that the kids painted and it became a big snake that still lives at the Elk Valley Library. We painted all sorts of ways and all sorts of things.

We did science programs too, making all kinds of stuff from gak to silly putty, volcanoes and more.I loved it all and loved planning the programs. We also had presenters of all kinds, from local scientists to musicians, quilters, authors, you name it--we invited them. The kids wrote and performed puppet shows, wrote books, and helped decorate the library for programs. I told lots of stories there.

If it sounds like I miss it, I do. It was the best job I ever had. I'm not a crafter exactly, but I like making things and I like experimenting, especially when I get to do it for kids programs.

Mountain Mama said...

I love wondering thru stores such as you described.
Mountain Mama

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