Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July, Small Town Style

Ripley, West Virginia holds one of the largest small-town 4th of July celebrations in the United States, and this year was no exception. The day is filled with parades, politicians' speeches, free music and entertainment on the courthouse lawn, and a giant evening fireworks display. We planned to do only part of the festivities this year, choosing instead to focus on family get-togethers. But we did get into town for the 2K race and a few events.

Our day started at the Downtowner for breakfast. I think we filled half of the booths!

My sister Theresa from Virginia holds her great-great-niece Cadyn, while Cadyn's mother, my granddaughter Jordan, looks on. Young aunt Allison is just behind Theresa.

From Reta's antique store, the view of the stage was an interesting juxtaposition of vintage items and band.

Young and old alike enjoyed the music and the activities. The gentleman in the hat was making a balloon dog for the little girl.

Tommy and his girlfriend Anastasia were there to cheer on the family members running in the race. Tommy opted not to run this year. I loved Anastasia's shoes! They were my childhood dream--high stilettos with (sigh) red sequins. Nowadays--absolutely a dream only. I'd kill myself in shoes like that.

Haley is pumped and ready for the race.

All around the courthouse, pick-up groups played bluegrass and old-time music.
Theresa and I headed home before the parade to get the cookout ready. And after that, my camera rested while I cooked, relaxed and talked. We opted not to go back into town for the evening show featuring country music singer Kathy Mattea. The rain set in, the porch was inviting and the conversation too good to leave.
That was our 4th--how was yours?


Cathy said...

I wish you could have heard arguing with the doctor at Health Plus about wanting to take me to the Arts and Crafts Fair and to the good times there in Ripley. I'm afraid this 4th was not want he had wanted at all. I promised next year out there and I'm sure when he sees your posts he'll be ready to go for certain. I'm so glad you spent it surrounded by family.

Janet, said...

Susanne we enjoyed the 4th too. We went back for the concert and stood in the slow rain with our umbrellas. The rain did stop, tho, before the concert was over. I guess we'll have to wait a few months to enjoy the fireworks.

lilly said...

My youngest daughter lives in Goose Creek, South Carolina and from listening to her the Southern States are the only ones who know how to celebrate a holiday. Sounds like you had a great time. Lilly

Deborah Wilson said...

Looks like your town had a great parade - ours did too, although many of the regulars (like the Kennesaw cloggers) were missing this year.

Anastasia's shoes - I'd kill myself in them too! My feet doesn't want to work with any shoe but Nike's or house shoes...:)

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